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Practice Areas

​​Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)We work with you to solve all issues of a divorce, including child custody and visitation, child / spousal support, and division of property.Spousal Support (Alimony)We work with our clients to determine whether they are entitled to receive support under the circumstances presented, how much support they can expect to receive and for how long.Child Custody & VisitationWe endeavor to obtain child custody and visitation orders appropriate to each individual case and in the best interests of the children.Child Support (including cases involving the Department of Child Support Services)California law sets a guideline for support that is used in most cases. We can determine what guideline support is likely to be in your case and can represent you in an effort to insure the appropriate support order is made by the court. We can also determine if you fall within a guideline exception.Division of Assets and DebtsCalifornia law provides for an equal division of community property assets and debts. We work with our clients to determine the character of the assets (community or separate), identify the various assets and debts that need to be divided, to value the various assets and to determine the best way to divide the assets and debts to maximize the value received.Domestic Partnership / Same Sex Marriage DissolutionsWe work with you to solve all issues of a dissolution of a domestic partnership, including child custody and visitation, child/partner support, and division of property.Restraining Orders / Domestic ViolenceIf the situation is appropriate for a restraining order, we will file all the necessary paperwork and attend all the hearings in an effort to establish an order that maintains the safety of all parties involved in your case for the maximum amount of time permitted by law.Modification and Enforcement of OrdersSome court orders are modifiable based upon a change of circumstances after the orders were issued by the court. We help our clients determine whether they have a modifiable order and then to successfully complete a modification. On occassion a court order will be made and the other party will refuse to comply. In these circumstances we assist in enforcing the order in an effort to force compliance.Legal SeparationIn cases of legal separation we resolve all the same issues as a divorce, except that the two parties remain married at the end.Parentage (commonly or previously known as Paternity)When a child is born outside of marriage, there must be a determination of parentage. We assist in having paternity established and then establishing the appropriate custody and visitation and child support orders relative to that child.MediationIn mediation, the two parties use one attorney to facilitate an agreement that resolves all of the issues of their case. Each party is encouraged to use a separate attorney to review all agreements prepared by the mediator and to provide legal advice as necessary throughout the mediation process.Collaborative LawCollaboration involves both parties being represented by attorneys, but the parties decide not to go to court and the issues of the case are resolved through a series of negotiation sessions. Negotiation is a situation in which the two parties and/or their attorneys negotiate an agreement with partial or no court involvement, depending on the particular case.Representation of Minors (Children)In some cases the issues of child custody and visitation become so highly contested that the voice and needs of the chil(ren) get lost. In those cases the court can determine that the child(ren) need their own attorney so that the child(ren)'s needs can be addressed. We represent children in these kinds of difficult cases when appointed by the court to do so. We accept appointment by both Santa Clara County Family Court and Santa Clara County Superior Court, Probate Division (Guardianships).GuardianshipsIn situations where a child isn't being adequately cared for by his/her parents, we assist non-parent relatives or non-relatives in their application for orders allowing them to step in on behalf of the parent to care for the child. In cases where it is appropriate, we also assist parents or guardians in applying to be guardians of the child's estate.