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About Jacqueline A. Anderson, ALC

Since its establishment, our office has been dedicated to the practice of family law, representing parents and children in numerous court actions. We endeavor to help parties work out the issues facing them in divorce or custody cases, but more than that we strive to resolve each and every case to the benefit of the children. This is a caring firm. We enjoy working with our clients closely, as people, to get them through their case successfully and as pleasantly as possible. We focus closely and remember that, while family law is sadly all too common, for each client it is personal, individual, and emotional for his or her entire family.

In furthering our efforts to do what is best for children, we represent children in both Family Court and Probate Court (Guardianships) both by appointment of the court and independently. Our corporate involvement with children and families has not been limited to assistance with difficult cases in the legal arena. We have also promoted children and families through sponsorship of community sporting events and teams. Ms. Anderson has also acted as a coach for children’s teams.